My Businesses

Years ago I learned that the average millionaire has at least 7 income streams. I decided that a full time day job wasn’t going to get me where I wanted. So I started a business strategy business and two years later I quit my day job. Since then, I’ve been building businesses with other amazing women and I haven’t looked back.

Currently, I serve business strategy clients and work on these four brands

A spiritual wellness community, store, and events with a focus on practices from our ancestors in an effort to decolonize our self care activities.

Crystals, meditation, journaling, connect with nature, card readings, sound healing, astrology, and more!

Glowing Corazón Website

A remote marketing and business services agency to solidify your brand with event strategy, social media, and public relations.

Founded by three Latinas.

A La Mode Branding Website

Business and lifestyle content for spiritually-led entrepreneurs who want to get unstuck and align with their authentic expression.

By using white paper + blue ink as a manifestation tool it will train our minds to reprogram our subconscious limits.

white paper + blue ink website

Listen & Launch Your Business is a step-by-step audio course for aspiring entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck around how to get started.

Listen & Launch Website