Business Strategist + Spiritual Wellness Advocate


I love to research, learn, and investigate so I can teach, communicate, and fully participate in life. I love working with business owners to help them reach their vision. I have participated in many business ventures as a business owner, a consultant, a manager, and other roles.

I have an operational mind that allows me to easily understand business processes. I am here to pour all of my passion and experience into guiding you to carry out your own entrepreneurial vision.

I'm from the San Francisco peninsula. I studied International Business at San Diego State University and earned a Master’s degree in International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco.

Both of my degrees taught me about the world. My bachelor's trained me to work for multi-national corporations, but I soon realized that I do not agree with some of the social effects of globalization. My master's taught me about education systems all over the world, essentially, I learned how people learn.

As a Business Strategist, I bring together my business experience and educational background to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create strategies and sustainable operation systems to grow their business.

As an entrepreneur, I work on and create multiple income streams. Here are brands that I've created...

Creator of Glowing Corazón, a spiritual wellness community that focuses on decolonizing self care activities.

Founding Partner and CFO of A La Mode Branding,

Co-Creator of White Paper + Blue Ink, business and lifestyle content for spiritually-led entrepreneurs who want to get unstuck.

Co-Creator of Listen and Launch, an audio business course with clear steps and a mindset guide to launch a business.

The original creator of Relate + Elevate Podcast, which was acquired by Epifania Magazine.

On A Personal Note

My husband and I enjoy raising our three children. I love taking my kids to all of their activities. They participate in softball, dance, and equestrian activities.

Also, I'm currently on a yoga and meditation journey. My goal is to do 30 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation everyday. I love journaling, it really helps to clear my mind. A few years ago was introduced to new moon and full moon meditations, they have positively improved my life in the most pleasant way, I highly recommend it!