Gisel Martin


building wealth one fearful action at a time


Get clear on your brand and business model with a plan to reach your business goals.

Help you remove confusion and overwhelming feelings when business planning.

Learn the difference between branding, marketing, and sales.

Tools to shift your mindset to thrive with multiple income streams.

All of this gives you the confidence and motivation to be the amazing entrepreneur you are meant to be!


Did you just start your business and aren't getting the results you hoped for?

Have you been successfully operating your business and are you ready to make some changes?

Is your business booming faster than you can handle and need some strategies to manage it all?

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Do you have an amazing idea that you want to share with the world but aren't quite sure where to start?

Are you already working on your passion project and you are ready to turn it into a lucrative business but don't know what steps to take?

Learn how to write a business plan in 6 easy steps



We'll meet for 1 hour to work on your business plan, brand, marketing strategy, or work on a plan for the next phase in your life.

The goal is for you to get a clear plan of your next steps toward your project or business goals.

Includes audio recording, transcription of meeting, and all documents created during meeting.

Book an Initial Consultation with me

Strategy Sessions


Bring your vision and we will turn it into a realistic plan to setup your business.


An evaluation of your current business to set priorities and goals for future growth.


Assess, plan, and create sustainable processes to help you reach your business goals.

Choose short-term or monthly strategy sessions.


$292- 2 hours

$424- 3 hours

$555- 4 hours

$1072- 8 hours (1 day)

$1980- 16 hours (2 days)


(4 months minimum)

$258 a month- 2 hours a month

$378 a month- 3 hours a month

$498 a month- 4 hours a month



Brenda Mendoza, Founder


My experience since my one on one Video Chat Consultation with Gisel, has been a positive one. Gisel is very patient and informative.

Before meeting with her I was scared because “business talk” was too much for me in not knowing if I had all the right answers. Guess What? I don't have all the right answers and probably never will when it comes to business talk.

Her gracious, calming voice and helpful attitude, made all the difference. She is thorough in her explanations and encouraged me to develop a business plan.

I highly recommend meeting with her to get an overview and better understanding of what is beneficial for you and your business.


Jihan Machuca, Creator of the Chandefleur


I am really happy I did a consultation with Gisel.

She listened, payed attention and reassured me that I didn't have to second guess myself. I also took her advice on focusing on one goal for 12 weeks instead of many goals at once. It worked for me and I was able to achieve my six month goal in 12 weeks!

You have to listen to the advice she gives you, and actually move forward with a plan. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. I really gleaned what I could from her knowledge and it got me to my "end game" in a little less than 12 weeks.

I am now building a partnership with a major corporation/retailer. With Gisel the end game is possible and its only the beginning. Take my advice and book her! I only did a one hour consult with her and she helped me so much. Also, follow her on social media because her daily business tips are pure fire. I will definitely be happy to make more time in the future with this amazing business strategist.

And as a side note, I saw another business consultant that told me my idea was, in his words, "not cost effective" and to scrap it and find something else to do. Boy was he was wrong! Gisel never judged my idea at all. She listened and helped me find my vision. A vision that would work! If I had listened to that other consultant I would be miserable and unfulfilled. I am glad she has the approach the she does. It's more than just business with her. She really cares about building you up and in turn your business.

Deborah Tinsley


I first met Gisel in a workshop entitled "Live Your Souls Dream". What struck me about Gisel is her unquenchable passion and excitement for my passion. She was actually as excited about my passion as I was.

Her insights and thoughts seemed to roll effortlessly from her very core. Her support, passion and guidance assisted me in the very scary step of 'starting' my business.

I am forever grateful and hope to work with her again and again, at each stage of my business's growth.